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Comprehensive Learner Record

Purpose Statement

The nature and expectation of the college experience has changed over the past few decades. Increased focus on career and salary calls into question the value of higher education and devalues the transformational experience of learning. More than ever, it has become important for students to understand, reflect on and make meaning of their holistic learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom, and to be able to articulate those experiences to others (e.g. employers, professional and graduate schools, family). A comprehensive learner record (CLR) will greatly assist with this challenge.

A CLR captures students’ curricular and cocurricular learning experiences; assists them in identifying skills, knowledge or abilities they have acquired during their higher education career; integrates learning across experiences; and enables students to communicate these elements during and after their time in college.


Articulate the purpose for and vision of a comprehensive learner record (CLR) at MU; develop an overarching framework that is aligned with the CLR vision and campus goals for students; define metrics that will demonstrate evidence of learning; identify the platform(s) to be used for the CLR along with data integrations from other systems; design processes that will assist with the management and sustainability of the CLR.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different than a résumé?

Although the content might be similar, the biggest difference between a résumé and a CLR is that the CLR has been verified by MU. If designed well, the CLR helps students and graduates synthesize their learning experiences inside the classroom with those outside of the classroom.

How will the CLR benefit students?

According to comments from MU students, the traditional academic transcript is limiting. It does not provide context for what was learned in the classroom nor does it provide information about cocurricular activities. The CLR does precisely this. Additionally, because information is populated throughout a student’s time at MU, students will not forget about those experiences.

Why is the CLR organized by a learning framework?

The CLR is not a listing of experiences like a résumé or transcript, but rather a record that demonstrates student learning across the collegiate experience.

Will the CLR replace the traditional academic transcript?

No. The traditional academic transcript will still exist.