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Tired of searching through dozens of sites to find a specific campus service? Wish it was easier to get things done on your mobile phone?  MizzouOne, a tool for MU students, makes it easy to find what you need—anywhere, any time, on any device — and get things done!


What is MizzouOne?

MizzouOne is a student focused portal that makes it simple to accomplish important tasks, like finding classes, checking grades, and paying bills. MizzouOne was created to bring a modern app store experience to finding what you need at MU. With MizzouOne, you search for what you want to do, and click to launch it.

Access MizzouOne

Access MizzouOne through your desktop or mobile browser by visiting (Download the mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.)

MizzouOne supports access from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The interface is designed to be consistent and familiar, and provides simple but powerful search capabilities that help you quickly find and access services you need to accomplish important tasks, such as finding classes, checking grades, and paying bills.

Contact MizzouOne

For questions and feedback regarding MizzouOne please email