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MizzouOne Features

MizzouOne provides simple but powerful search capabilities that help you quickly find and access the MU services you need to accomplish important tasks, such as finding classes, checking grades, and paying bills.


Search results are displayed as badges, similar to the icons you see in a typical mobile app store. Each badge (or “task”) represents an MU service, and is identified by name and category. To launch a task, click its badge; or (next to the badge), click Details, and then, on the page that opens, click Start.

Categories and Roles

You also can search within specific categories of tasks (for example, Academics, Finance, or Transportation), or search based on your role at MU (for example, Student, Faculty, or Staff.)

Smart Search

MizzouOne uses search analytics to provide suggested results based on previous visits and the tasks performed by similar users. When you log in, you can select favorites for easy access, and set preferences. Additionally, tasks are optimized for indexing by search engines such as Google, so you can find the MizzouOne tasks you need from outside the MizzouOne interface.


MizzouOne’s interface is clean and easy-to-use on a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop. Access MizzouOne through your browser, or download the MizzouOne Mobile app through Google Play or iTunes.