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Project Documentation


The goal of the project is to successfully migrate from OrgSync to MU Engage all current users, functionality, and integrations.

Objectives & Deliverables

Technical requirements

  • Solution Architecture – Coordinator (examples: configurations, integrations, implementation details, etc.) and available to be linked to the Enterprise Architecture documentation.
  • Establish authentication connection via Shibboleth
  • Create test plan/test scenarios and follow-on implementation tests needed.
  • Complete IT Standards & Requirements Questionnaire (ITSRQ) with vendor responses to identify gaps (if any) that need to be addressed prior to go live.
  • Identify components that will support current ID card magnetic stripe and future iClass SE ID technologies.
  • Security Assessment and approval to proceed to go live.

Document existing users, functionality, and integrations.

  • Map existing permissions to the new MU Engage roles and permissions.
  • Define new community structure, incorporating organizational and platform changes.
  • Define existing integrations.
  • Create user administration guidelines.

Plan the implementation.

  • Build implementation team.
  • Contact umbrella administrators for representative.
  • Create a meeting schedule in conjunction with vendor project plan.
  • Create a project timeline and establish go live date.
  • Develop work break down structure.
  • Identify technical and subject matter experts.
  • Build communication plan.
  • Authentication and development environment for MU Engage

Manage migration to MU Engage.

  • Discovery Call
  • Training 1: The Engage Structure and Community Administrative Tools
  • Training 2: Admin Branches, Organization Tools, and Forms
  • Training 3: Organizations, Registrations, and Positions
  • Training 4: Event Management and Tracking
  • Training 5: Involvement Overview
  • Additional trainings: Elections, Co-Curricular Paths, Budget Management, and Organization Accounting
  • Manage data preperation, migration from OrgSync to MU Engage, and testing to ensure success.

Prepare training and go live procedures.

  •  Training
  • Establish future governance
  • End user suppor


  • Migration of all existing users, functionality, and integrations.
  • Establish future governance structure.
  • Establish future support structure.
  • Develop future funding model.
  • Excludes onboarding of additional users or implementation of new features until Migration complete.