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Project Information

Current Status

The Implementation team has decided to postpone the migration from OrgSync to MU Engage until after the 2018 fall semester. Please continue to use OrgSync for the upcoming semester and remember that rosters, positions, event attendance and other student involvement records as well as forms and future events will transfer to MU Engage. We expect to establish a revised plan and go-live date in the near future and will provide that information here as soon as it is finalized.

Project Documentation


The goal of the project is to successfully migrate from OrgSync to MU Engage all current users, functionality, and integrations.

Objectives & Deliverables

Technical requirements

  • Solution Architecture – Coordinator (examples: configurations, integrations, implementation details, etc.) and available to be linked to the Enterprise Architecture documentation.
  • Establish authentication connection via Shibboleth
  • Create test plan/test scenarios and follow-on implementation tests needed.
  • Complete IT Standards & Requirements Questionnaire (ITSRQ) with vendor responses to identify gaps (if any) that need to be addressed prior to go live.
  • Identify components that will support current ID card magnetic stripe and future iClass SE ID technologies.
  • Security Assessment and approval to proceed to go live.

Document existing users, functionality, and integrations.

  • Map existing permissions to the new MU Engage roles and permissions.
  • Define new community structure, incorporating organizational and platform changes.
  • Define existing integrations.
  • Create user administration guidelines.

Plan the implementation.

  • Build implementation team.
  • Contact umbrella administrators for representative.
  • Create a meeting schedule in conjunction with vendor project plan.
  • Create a project timeline and establish go live date.
  • Develop work break down structure.
  • Identify technical and subject matter experts.
  • Build communication plan.
  • Authentication and development environment for MU Engage

Manage migration to MU Engage.

  • Discovery Call
  • Training 1: The Engage Structure and Community Administrative Tools
  • Training 2: Admin Branches, Organization Tools, and Forms
  • Training 3: Organizations, Registrations, and Positions
  • Training 4: Event Management and Tracking
  • Training 5: Involvement Overview
  • Additional trainings: Elections, Co-Curricular Paths, Budget Management, and Organization Accounting
  • Manage data preperation, migration from OrgSync to MU Engage, and testing to ensure success.

Prepare training and go live procedures.

  •  Training
  • Establish future governance
  • End user suppor


  • Migration of all existing users, functionality, and integrations.
  • Establish future governance structure.
  • Establish future support structure.
  • Develop future funding model.
  • Excludes onboarding of additional users or implementation of new features until Migration complete.