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SEM Committee

MU Strategic Enrollment Management Committee

The University of Missouri is at a critical point with regards to enrollment management.

Historically, MU has benefited from a singular definition of enrollment success (growth), with limited macro level strategic enrollment planning to accomplish a holistic set of enrollment related goals.

Moving forward, it is critical that MU embrace a more comprehensive approach to enrollment planning and develop a broad reaching strategic enrollment plan that encompasses: academic program offerings, an institutional marketing and communications plan, student recruitment plans, and student success planning. These efforts will also provide MU with a much-needed focus on macro enrollment efforts regarding: net tuition revenue, revenue distribution, tuition and pricing models, student yield, student retention and degree persistence, student academic quality, student mix (transfer, graduate, etc.), and institutional market research.

 Contact information:

Kim Humphrey, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management | 573-882-7651 |