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SEM Committee Membership


Garnett Stokes, Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor – Academic Affairs


Pelema I. Morrice, Vice Provost – Enrollment Management and Strategic Development
Pat Okker, Interim Dean – College of Arts and Science

Committee Staffing

Kim Humphrey, Assistant Vice Provost – Enrollment Management and Strategic Development
Marty Oetting, Interim Campus Chief of Staff – Chancellor’s Office


Bradley Curs, Associate Professor and Department Chair – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Mardy Eimers, Vice Provost – Institutional Research
Joseph Erb, Assistant Teaching Professor – English
Laura Friedrich, Senior Student Service Coordinator – College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
Rhonda Gibler, Vice Chancellor – Finance
Ashli Grabau, Sr. Consultant, Assessment and Planning – Student Affairs
Jeni Hart, Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies/Associate Vice Provost for Advanced Studies
Doug Valentine, Graduate Professional Council; Doctoral Candidate – Sociology
Chrissy Kintner, MU Staff Advisory Council Chair; Assistant to the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
Todd McCubbin, Associate Vice Chancellor – Alumni Relations
Kevin McDonald, Vice Chancellor – Inclusion, Diversity and Equity
Casandra Harper Morris, Associate Professor, Higher Education – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Sean Olmstead, Coordinator – LGBTQ Resource Center
Lori Popejoy, Associate Professor – Nursing
Jim Scott, Interim Vice Provost – International Programs
Jim Spain, Vice Provost – Undergraduate Studies and eLearning
Marty Steffens, Professor; Chair in Business and Financial Journalism – Journalism
Marshall Stewart, Vice Chancellor – Extension and Engagement
Justin Walensky, Associate Professor; Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies – Chemistry
Gary Ward, Vice Chancellor – Operations; Interim Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs
Nathan Willett, President – MSA